Why Is Everyone Drinking Rose Water These Days?

What's this pink drink?

Why Is Everyone Drinking Rose Water These Days? @gemkwatts Instagram

Have you seen a lot of people drinking bright pink water recently and wondered why the hell they've decided to drink that instead of regular water?

Well, it turns out that people are drinking rose water these days because unlike regular water, it actually has a bucketload of health benefits!


Rose water is packed with vitamins including vitamins A, B3, C, D and E and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help your digestive system.

The beverage is also high in antioxidants, that help fight off free radicals in your tummy, and helps with heart health, anxiety, tension, bloating and cholesterol.


You wouldn't think that a little glass of this pink drink could do all this but hey, we shouldn't underestimate the wonders of mother nature now should we?!

If you're thinking of giving rose water a go you may as well start here.


Elixirs and colourful waters are now becoming a huge health trend so expect to see a lot more emerging over the next few months!