We Tried Bulla’s New Frozen Custard & Here’s The Verdict

Go and buy yourselves a tub!

We Tried Bulla’s New Frozen Custard & Here’s The Verdict

In case you weren't already aware, Bulla has released tubs of frozen custard in two flavours: Classic and Rich Chocolate. 

In theory this sounds like the kind of dessert in which dreams are made of - but is it really?

Sure, you could listen clever marketing trying to persuade you into buy a tub or 12, or you could take it from us: your humble Scoopla producers who take dessert very seriously, and most importantly, have zero ties to Bulla

Today, we decided to take ourselves down to Coles to do the h̶a̶r̶d̶ delicious yards and taste test Bulla's latest range. 

We were firstly met with the pleasant surprise of Coles' bloody ripper of a price (down to $3.99 per tub) so, we gladly spoiled ourselves to both flavours for, you know, research. 

After fighting off all the hungry bystanders, we finally made it back to our office and it was go time. 

So, what's the verdict? 

It's not so much a 'yes' or 'no' answer, as it is a 'get yourself a tub of this damn frozen custard RIGHT NOW'. 

Whether it's Classic or Rich Chocolate you opt for really boils down to you as a person. Although, we can say this: they're both true to their title flavour. 

Rich Chocolate tastes similar to Peter's Milo Scoop Shake (if you remember that flavour from your canteen days.) Despite its name, it's not too rich that you feel sick but it still gives you that choco flavour hit you all know and love. 

Classic, on the other hand, is exactly how you'd expect (or at least want) it to taste: like... frozen custard. It's creamy, smooth and basically transports you to Christmas day. 

So, basically, whichever flavour you decide on is an A1 dessert. 

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