These Meals You Thought Were Vegan Actually Aren't


These Meals You Thought Were Vegan Actually Aren't

It's World Vegan Day tomorrow and to help those who want to go 'green' just for the day, Menulog has squashed some myths around popular meals that have been mistaken for being vegan friendly. 

Some top tips to consider when trying to order vegan food:

  • Don't mistake vegan for vego! Your local Thai place’s Pad Thai with tofu still contains egg and fish sauce – two items off the menu if you’re sticking to a plant-based diet
  • Watch out for a drizzle of Worsterchire Sauce on breakfast, as the condiment tends to contain anchovies
  • Tweak the dishes to suit your needs, you can add and remove most ingredients when ordering from an online food delivery service by making a note to the kitchen at the end of your order
  • If you're ordering Indian, hold on the naan bread as it’s surprisingly prepared with yoghurt. Go for the Roti if you can’t have your curry without your carbs
  • Order Veggie tempura when ordering sushi or Japanese. It can often contain egg, as can fresh pasta, potato chips!

Leave your tips in the comments! 

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