The Inventor Of Chicken Salt Has Revealed His Original Recipe!

How to make it at home!

The Inventor Of Chicken Salt Has Revealed His Original Recipe!

It's lucky that every Aussie loves a bit of chicken salt, because it turns out, the tasty spice was actually invented here in Australia!

Adam Liaw, who you may remember as one of the winners of MasterChef Australia, wrote a whole story on chicken salt for The Guardian not too long ago and after reading the story, a woman named Helen Brinkworth got in contact with him saying that her father, Peter Brinkworth, actually invented it!


As the story goes, Adam went to school with Jodie, Helen's daughter and after reading his chicken salt story, she decided to set up a phone call between them.

Peter ran a chicken wholesale warehouse out in Gawler, South Australia which the locals called "The Gawler Chicken Shop" and he had always wanted to create a new taste for his chickens.


And in Adam's words, "He mixed his original chicken salt in the shed where they prepared the birds for roasting. It was a blend of ingredients from his kitchen, as well as a few wholesale products from his warehouse.

"His original chicken salt included onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, paprika, chicken bouillon and monosodium glutamate. The vibrant orange-yellow colour came from the addition of curry powder. He can’t remember the specific brand but, as a lifelong Keen’s man, he suspects it might have been that."


Peter said that he can't remember the exact quantities that he used, but he can remember the taste so he could easily whip it up in his kitchen!

Are you a fan of chicken salt?!


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