Taco Bell Is About To Open 50 Stores Across Australia

Prepare yourselves!

Taco Bell Is About To Open 50 Stores Across Australia @tacobellaus Instagram

After opening their first store in Queensland to a tremendously big city of Mexican lovers, Taco Bell has decided that it's abut time they spread their wings and flew across Australia.

The fast food chain recently announced that they would be opening their second store on the Gold Coast after living in Annerley, Brisbane for the last year, but soon, Queensland won't be the only state that has those precious tacos.


Over the next three years Collins Food, who also owns KFC and Sizzler here in Aus, will help open 50 more Taco Bell locations across the country, making the food accessible to anyone who thinks Guzman Y Gomez, Zambrero, Mad Mex and Beach Burrito aren't enough to fulfil their spicy needs.


The new store locations haven't been announced yet, but expect news on that in the near future!

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