Sushi Pizza Exists & It’s Your Soymate


Sushi Pizza Exists & It’s Your Soymate Instagram @ pokeburri / @Sweetporfolio / @haileyelizabeth

Calling all lovers of sushi and pizza: there’s a new food creation in town that combines your two foodie loves and it’s causing quite the stir. 

Sushi Pizza!

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Instagram user Sweetportfoilo posted a pic of Pokeburri’s (in Atlanta, USA) sushi pizza, gushing over how delicious it is!


Want your fix of sushi pizza here in Australia?

Never fear!

There’s a restaurant in Melbourne and Sydney that dishes these bad boys up, too!

Sash Japanese in Windsor, VIC, and Surry Hills, NSW, serves their own version of this delicious treat, called Sushizzas. 


Have YOU seen these in your local town? 

Let us know where you’ve tried a sushi pizza in the Facebook comments!


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