Someone Made EVERY Snack From The Simpsons & Get In Our Mouth!


Someone Made EVERY Snack From The Simpsons & Get In Our Mouth!

Image Credit: Fox. 

Everyone knows The Simpsons, whether it be because you’re a devoted fan or you refuse to ever let your kid watch it. 

But we have the feeling you’re about to love it a whole lot more, even just for a moment, because some genius just graced us with some epic food news. 

A freelance writer from Los Angeles decided to devote two years of their life to creating and cooking all the recipes for the foods we have seen in the popular show The Simpsons

Yep. Two whole years dedicated to food… 

A dream, right?

Writer Laurel Randolph first introduced the idea in August 2015, in Paste Magazine, by trying to make the same Meatloaf Men from the show. 

She then decided to recreate as many food dishes as she could!

Driven by a love for cooking and the series, Laurel was set on completing her mission. 

"When someone asks me what my favourite TV show of all time is, I quickly answer 'The Simpsons', with the caveat “specifically, seasons 3 through 8”. I’ve loved these episodes since they first aired and I watched them with the volume on low without my parents’ permission. When I want something quick to watch and I can’t decide what, those DVDs are the first place I turn. The episodes are so wonderfully written and performed and pretty much perfect and it boggles my mind.  
"With my profession of love out of the way, I think it’s high time I combine my passion for cooking and food writing with my passion for this beloved cartoon. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but The Simpsons has some pretty great food references peppered throughout (Flaming Moe, anyone?). For your viewing and eating pleasure, I am gathering the best Simpsons food stuffs in one place and making them myself."
Well, the latest in her series of recipes is for Martin’s Raisin Roundies

Laurel has made 22 dishes so far, including the Flaming Moe without the cough syrup, Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel, Chief Wiggum's Chili, Monkey Paw Turkey SandwichMillion Dollar Birthday Fries and Simpson & Son Revitalising Tonic


She’s living the food dream… 

You can find all of the recipes HERE!