Someone Made A Creme Egg Ice Cream Cake & We Need It In Our Lives!

Your Creme Egg dreams have come true!

Someone Made A Creme Egg Ice Cream Cake & We Need It In Our Lives! Ricky Hughes Facebook / NBC

If you're a fan of Cadbury's Creme Eggs, you're going to love this guy's new invention!

Ricky Hughes, who also calls himself Mr Ricky: Prince Of Desserts, has created a Creme Egg and Nutella Ice Cream Pizza Cake because clearly, he's a genius!

The cake has a caramel flan base and is topped with ice cream, warm caramel and Nutella sauces, chocolate shavings, chocolate sprinkles and a bunch of Creme Eggs... it looks so damn tasty!

Now, if you're on a diet, you probably should stay away from this creation because it has a total of 2,200 calories and is big enough to serve six people, but hey, we can start our diets next week, right?!

Image: Ricky Hughes Facebook

Ricky has been selling his Creme Egg cakes in North Wales and told The Daily Mail that his customer's absolutely love it!

"It’s by far our most popular creation, we are selling between ten and 15 every night.

"The feedback has been great, lots of five-star reviews online and customers coming back for more.

"Some love it so much they have been ordering three or four times a week."

Now that's a lot of Creme Eggs!

You cannot buy this cake here in Australia but if you love baking, or know someone who does, why not try making your own?!

If you do, please send us your recipe so we can give it a crack and try it out!

Anyone else craving a Creme Egg right now?!

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