Someone Has Created A 'Diet Avocado' But Seriously, What's The Point?


Someone Has Created A 'Diet Avocado' But Seriously, What's The Point? @challengefitgirls Instagram

In probably the most annoying news ever, someone has gone ahead and decided that creating a diet avocado was a good idea, even though these beautiful green gems are actually pretty great already.

Avocados are good for you, they have good fats and you can literally eat it all day because it goes with everything!

There's nothing wrong with avocado, so why do we need a diet version?


Fruit growing company Eurobanan, came up with this outrageous idea and created an avocado that supposedly has 30% less fat than the original.

They've called it the Isla Bonita ‘Avocado Light‘ and it has less monounsaturated fat than the normal kind and according to the company, it "is fast-ripening with a slow rate of oxidation" which means that it won't go bad within just a couple of hours of you buying it.

Although that sounds pretty good, we're still not convinced that a diet avocado is necessary right now.

Eurobanan insist that this avocado is great because it can be grown all year round and is perfect for cooking, but you know, it just might not taste the same.

Eurobanan’s marketing director Ramón Rey released a statement about why they think creating this new avocado was necessary and well, it's legit because people love them!

“Consumption is growing constantly, as are consumer concerns about getting a balanced diet.

"Now, thanks to the Avocado Light, you can enjoy this fruit at all times in a much lighter way."

But isn't normal avocado part of a balanced diet?

Sorry guys, but as a wise woman once said... we just don't have time!

Excuse us while we go and scoff down a fresh, fatty avocado!