Prosecco Doughnuts Exist & Get Yo Wallets Out!


Prosecco Doughnuts Exist & Get Yo Wallets Out!

Image Credit: Ruffino Wines / The Doughnut Project.

There are those moments in life when a food creation grabs our attention and becomes all we can think about. 

This is one of those moments. 


Our love of doughnuts has just stepped up a level, because Prosecco doughnuts exist and they have our full attention…

Some geniuses over in the U.S (Disclaimer: sadly, they ain’t available here… unless someone can PLEASE make them?!) decided to combine everyone’s love for Prosecco with their love for doughnuts on National Prosecco Day, to create these indulgent Prosecco doughnuts… 

Basically, instead of sipping on some Prosecco and having to be all classy, everyone gets to devour these doughnuts however the f#@$ they want. 

Ruffino Wines and The Doughnut Project teamed up to make these beauties, with The Doughnut Project owners Tory Neal and Leslie Polizotto saying, "For the past two years we have been perfecting our recipes, craft and vision. We are very excited to partner with Ruffino to create the Prosecco Doughnut for National Prosecco Day."

As if we didn’t love them from the name alone, these creations are sprinkled with edible gold leaf and edible pink glitter… they’re heaven.

Excuse us while we try to recreate these…