Pizza Tacos Exist & GET IN OUR MOUTH

We're in food heaven.

Pizza Tacos Exist & GET IN OUR MOUTH

Image Credit: Oh, Bite It! 

Source: Oh, Bite It!


It’s true. 

So whenever there is a trend going ‘round that has anything to do with the beloved food of the heavens, we are on it ASAP. 

Another food we all love is TACOS. 

Now, there’s a new creation that really puts Old El Paso’s  ad motto, ‘Pourqe no los dos?’ into play… 



It is the best of both worlds and we are officially in food heaven, because why CAN”T we have BOTH?!

You’d think these beauties would require hours of effort and some complex recipe, but never fear!

Someone has come up with a super quick and easy hall to get them in your mouth in no time!

Thanks to some genius at Oh Bite It, we have some super easy steps!

  • Buy a frozen pizza and get the canola oil out of your cupboard (or another oil you would prefer)
  • Defrost the pizza, fold it in half and place it in 2-inches of frying oil, ensuring both sides get a golden colour. 

  • Take it out of the pan, and serve on a plate with some dipping sauces, like ranch or marinara. 
  • That’s it. 

You might be sitting there thinking, ‘that’s it?!’

Yes, it is. 


Alternatively you can defrost the pizza and add some taco-specific ingredients to the pizza before folding and frying!

Or you can unleash your inner chef and get some pizza bases, tomato paste and taco ingredients, and whip up the base for a pizza which you can then fry instead of putting it in the oven!

Other recipes take a different route, using corn tortillas or thin mini pizza bases instead, and filling them with pizza ingredients, cooke din a fry pan!

HERE’s a recipe if you love this idea. 

No matter what recipe you prefer, one thing is sure: your weekend snacks just got a whole lot better!