People Are Being Rushed To The ER Because Of Avocados

Apparently avocados are dangerous...

People Are Being Rushed To The ER Because Of Avocados

Image: @brownpapernutrition Instagram

Our beloved avocados have been dubbed "one of the most dangerous foods to cut" in the U.S.

The New York Times have written an article called "How To Cut An Avocado Without Cutting Yourself" because, believe it or not, Americans are slicing their hands so badly that they're being rushed to the hospital!


The author of this educational story, Margaux Laskey, explained that the wife of one of her work colleagues recently was rushed to hospital after cutting an avocado "when she suffered a cut so deep she had to be taken to the emergency room."

She ended up having to pay $20,000 USD in medical fees.

Dr Sheel Sharma, a hand surgery specialist, was interviewed by Margaux and explained that avocado-related injuries were becoming more common.

“I see half a dozen every year

"Mostly, they come with a laceration in the palm.”


As we Australians love avocados so much, we would like to think we know how to cut our avocados but, if you're unlucky enough to cut yourself whilst trying to crack open one of these guys, Margaux sought medical advice for you too.

She asked Dr Lara Devgan for some tips about how we can help the healing process of our avocado wounds.

“The first thing you want to do is hold pressure on the area that is bleeding.

“If there are any amputated parts, they can be put in a plastic bag and placed on ice.

"I suggest going to the emergency room or calling your doctor, as it’s important to be evaluated by a hand specialist to make sure you don’t have any injuries to nerves, vessels, tendons or bones.”

Stay safe when making that guacamole, guys!