McDonald’s Has Started To Phase Out Plastic Straws

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McDonald’s Has Started To Phase Out Plastic Straws McDonald's

As humankind works to make more conscious choices in an attempt to protect the environment, McDonald’s in the UK has announced a big change.

Starting from May, the fast-food chain will be trialling biodegradable paper straws over the usual plastic, with customers also required to ask for a straw when ordering.

McDonald’s UK CEO, Paul Pomroy, told Sky News:

"Straws are one of those things that people feel passionately about, and rightly so, and we're moving those straws behind the front counter.

"If you come into McDonald's going forward, you'll be asked if you want a straw.

"The other thing we're looking to do is to move to recycled paper on the straws and biodegradable paper straws and that test, I'm really proud to say, will start next month."

Pomroy says the company are also looking at an environmentally friendly alternative to their current coffee cup lids.

"We've been on a journey over the past 10 years with recycling, from taking out foam and polystyrene to where we are now - with Big Mac 'clam' boxes that are made with recycled board.

"The only thing left for us to move forward on are the lids that go on to our cups. Those are complicated, but we're working with our suppliers to find a solution to that.”

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