KFC Launched Gravy Cocktails & We’re VERY Confused

Would YOU try this?!

KFC Launched Gravy Cocktails & We’re VERY Confused KFC

We all go for some fast food when we want a quick bite to eat, but now one of our fave fast food joints has launched a VERY unusual food item that has us scratching our heads dubiously…

Overseas, KFC has launched a range of three cocktails for customers to make at home that really aren’t so appetising if you ask us. 

The cocktails feature GRAVY and the fast food giant has released recipes for these three cocktail drinks:

The Gravy Mary:


•    50ml Vodka 

•    20ml KFC Gravy 

•    Spice mix: 20ml Worcester sauce, 3 drops Tabasco, 3 grinds white pepper, pinch of

celery salt, pinch of paprika, half teaspoon horseradish cream

•    15ml Fresh lemon juice 

•    90ml Tomato juice 

•    To garnish: Celery, Popcorn Chicken 

•    Without Vodka (same quantities as above but with 140ml Tomato Juice)


1    To create the spice mix, grab a tall glass and pour Tabasco sauce, Worcester sauce, white pepper, celery salt, paprika, and horseradish cream into it. Cover firmly and shake.

2    Next, add your vodka and the spice mix and pour in the lemon juice, tomato juice and mix again

3    Add in your KFC Gravy into the mix, stir all of the ingredients together and pour into a fresh highball glass. 

4    Finish with celery and a small skewer of popcorn chicken.


The Fingerlickin’ Sour


•    100ml KFC Gravy

•    400ml Mezcal 

•    15ml Cherry liqueur

•    25ml Fresh lemon juice

•    10ml Orange marmalade

•    Pinch of salt

•    Pinch of pepper

•    X1 Egg white 

•    To garnish: Thyme Sprig 


1    Pour the mezcal and the KFC Gravy into a tall glass. Cover firmly and shake.

2    Place the glass into the freezer and freeze for three hours

3    Once frozen, pour the gravy infused mescal through a strainer and clean cloth into a fresh glass

4    Squeeze the lemon into the glass, add the marmalade, salt & pepper and egg white then shake again

5    Pour the cocktail mixture into a martini glass and sprinkle with thyme to finish


Southern Twist


•    50ml Kentucky Bourbon

•    60ml Fresh hot KFC Gravy

•    x2 Grinds black pepper

•    x2 teaspoons granulated brown sugar

•    x4 teaspoons dried parsley

•    To garnish: Parsley and brown sugar rim 


To create your parsley & brown sugar rim:

1    Chop the parsley and mix with the brown sugar in a bowl

2    Cut the lemon and coat the rim of the glass with it

3    Dip the rim of the glass into the chopped parsley and brown sugar mixture

To create your cocktail:

1    Add ice cubes and your Kentucky Bourbon to your rocks glass

Finally pour your KFC Gravy into the glass, give it a mix and enjoy


These are all inspired by the trend of ‘stock tails’.

Would YOU try these?

Source: KFC. 

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