Here's Why You Should Stop Storing Eggs In The Fridge Door


Here's Why You Should Stop Storing Eggs In The Fridge Door Pixabay

There are three kinds of people in this world, those who store their eggs in the egg rack inside the door of their fridge, those who don't even bother removing the eggs from the carton before popping them in the fridge and finally, those who just don't put their eggs in the fridge at all!

Now, some people would argue that keeping your eggs in the carton helps to keep them fresher for longer and we're here to tell you that, unfortunately... those people are right!


Vlatka Lake from Space Station Storage has told The Sun that you should definitely be storing your eggs in the fridge, however, you should also be leaving them in the carton.

Apparently, if you put your eggs in the rack inside your fridge door, they will be vulnerable to sudden and irregular temperature changes that will make them go rotten a lot faster.

“When it comes to eggs, there is a huge debate on where they should be kept, with some saying in the fridge and others saying on the counter.

"The general consensus is to store eggs in the fridge, but not in the egg racks commonly found on the fridge door.

“Egg racks are susceptible to changes in temperature due to the fridge door opening and closing and can cause your eggs to go rotten more quickly.”

Now there's something we definitely didn't know!

Do you store your eggs in the egg rack?