Here’s How You Can Win FREE GUAC For A Whole Year

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Here’s How You Can Win FREE GUAC For A Whole Year Mad Mex

It is no secret that we ALL love some good guacamole…

Tbh, it is even better when it’s free guacamole.

Thankfully for us, Mad Mex are giving us the option to have free guac for a whole year!

This Sunday, the 16th of September marks both Mexican Independence Day and National Guacamole Day, and Mad Mex want to help YOU celebrate every Aussie millennial’s dream by offering the epic giveaway. 

Here is how easy it is for you to get your lips on some tasty, free guacamole…

All you need to do is jump onto Mad Mex’s Facebook page, tag your amigo and tell them why they’re extra… just like Mad Mex’s guac.  


How. Easy. Is. That.

You only have until Sunday September 16th to enter and the lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday 19th.


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