Gin & Tonic Breakfast Tea Exists & Get Your Booze On


Gin & Tonic Breakfast Tea Exists & Get Your Booze On Fortnum and Mason

Some of us love our tea in the morning, and when the evening comes round, we love a little gin and tonic. 

But what if there was a way to have both at the sometime…. 

Well, wait no longer, because Gin & Tonic Breakfast Tea exists & get ready for a stellar week. 

The brand Fortnum and Mason have released gin and tonic flavoured tea bags for approx. $9, which contain a dozen of the epic creations that taste just like the alcoholic beverage. 


The description reads, "We've combined green tea with real juniper berries and handpicked botanicals including coriander, fennel and lemon balm to create our refreshing Gin & Tonic Tea topped offer with fresh lime and cucumber.”

Just an FYI, the tea bags don’t actually contain gin - so calm your farms. 


You can shop these beauties HERE