From This Thursday Guzman Y Gomez Are Putting Fries In Your Burritos!

Happy International Fries Day!

From This Thursday Guzman Y Gomez Are Putting Fries In Your Burritos!

Image: Guzman y Gomez / NBC

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is actually International Fries Day.

We've only just finished gorging ourselves for International Chocolate Day and now the food gods have presented us with this wondrous holiday as well.

Maybe leave your diet until next week...


Guzman y Gomez know just how much we love fries and have decided to celebrate International Fries Day by putting fries into their famous burritos!

Tomorrow you'll be able to grab a Cali Burrito at Guzman and honestly we cannot take this!

Image: Guzman y Gomez

The Cali Burrito is named after California in the U.S where back in the '80s, a surfer who loved both fries and burritos came up with this magnificent creation.

The burrito features everything you've come to love at Guzman.

It's filled with their popular skin-on potato fries, a meat or vegetarian filling of your choice, cheese, pico de gallo salsa, tomato salsa, sour cream and... FREE GUACAMOLE! 


The Cali Burrito will be available from only $12.50, which is a STEAL really...

If burritos ain't your thing though, Guzman y Gomez will also be serving their Nacho Fries and Cheese Fries if you're looking for something a bit different.


Who else is craving fries right about now?