EGG-cellent Ways To Use The Sh&# Load Of Easter Leftovers You’re Stuck With

‘Coz you can only eat so much!

EGG-cellent Ways To Use The Sh&# Load Of Easter Leftovers You’re Stuck With

The third day has come and gone, and we are about to rise from a weekend of good moments with family and friends… with a very full belly of all the delicious feasts we have devoured. 

And of course, most of us just had our monthly intake of chocolate all in one day. 

Easter brings with it many miracles… especially the miracle of never-ending chocolate treats, because we’re all about to wake up tomorrow and realise just how many leftovers we have. 

Everyone’s eyes have been bigger than their bellies and chocolate is the go-to gift that everyone brings along to Easter Sunday lunch, so most households will have their  fair share of food, likely to last them a few weeks (*cheering* - no need for your weekly grocery trip!). 

We’re talking:

  • Leftover easter lunch food (bread rolls, roasts, you name it!)
  • Leftover lollies
  • Leftover booze… because hopefully no one has a headache the day after.
  • And of course, leftover chocolate. 

At first, it’s absolute heaven: endless supplies of chocolate? Everyone’s childhood dreams of chocolate stacked in the fridge came true! 

The leftover lunch is a sure fire hit for the family for maybe two days, then the kids might complain that it’s the same meal for three days in a row. 

The lollies, well they seem to last forever.

But we soon realise that one person can only handle so much chocolate, and have no idea what to do with our leftovers.

Sound like you? Well, we’ve hopped along to your rescue so you don’t have to dread those chocolate leftovers anymore!

For The Kids At Heart

There are some of you sitting there thinking, THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!

We feel ya, don’t worry. 

You can chow down on the chocolate you have as much as you want, but if you’re looking for a change, then here’s an idea for you: chocolate spiders with crispy fried noodles!

Sounds weird, but it’s amazing, so try it HERE

You’ll feel like a kid again.  

For The Serious, No BS Adults

Don’t like taking that block of chocolate or pack of M&M’s you just got to work, because it’s gone as soon as you whip it out of your bag?

It might make you the most popular person in the office, but come one, sharing ain’t always caring… 


So! Don’t stand for the chocolate stealing and become a master of disguise!

How, you ask?

Well, everyone has a good cuppa at work, so use your mug to disguise your treat and make a Mug cake!

There’s a super doooper recipe you’ll LOVE as your afternoon fix HERE!

If anyone asks ‘what’s in the cup?’… run the other way.  

For The Thrifty

Let’s face it, some of us are given Easter gifts that we will never eat, because everyone has varying tastes in chocolate. 

Therefore, as seems to be the way with Christmas chocolates, if you’re a little short on cash at the moment and have a house warming or birthday to go to, then: REGIFT. 

We suggest steering clear of gifting your bestie a chocolate bunny, they’ll catch on. 

Leave the non-Easter-centred chocolates (Roses, Favourites, etc) for the regifting, and keep the choc bunnies for when you’re feeling peckish.  

For Those Living The #LushLife

Not everyone wants to drive to McDonald’s to feel a little bit fancy, so create your own lush night at home!

Spend up on some quality fruits (come on, strawberries and blueberries are so darn expensive these day!) and marshmallows, and get your pots ready, because fondue is the way to go for your dessert section of a grand night in. 

Of course, opt to only melt down the chocolate that makes sense: bunnies, chocolate blocks, eggs… we recommend not melting down Mars Bars and the sort… maybe you can finally try that deep fried bar you’ve always considered?  

You can take your creativity even further and serve a delicious white chocolate and passionfruit mousse IN a chocolate egg (recipe HERE)! Your friend will think you just won Master Chef.

For The Lovers

You probably gave your partner a whole stash of their favourite sweets and divine chocolates, right?

So did we, they loved them.

But you might start to feel a bit guilty when, a few months down the line, there’s still a stash left and it’s like you don’t appreciate the gift (even though you do!).

If you don’t want it to get to that stage you can either:

  • Treat yo self to the whole lot. 
  • Pace yourself, so you’re having them steadily (make a schedule, we dare you)
  • Find some super yummy, easy recipes to incorporate your chocolates into, which will be a super fun date idea with your lover!
  • Take some advice from The Bachelor. 

Have no idea what we mean? We’re talking about Alex and Richie’s very… interesting date. 



Not so keen on cleaning up the mess in your bathtub after a love sesh? Or lathering up your body in sweet stuff?

Well then, you might want to stick to the cooking date and try our very own Lemony Snickers cheesecake recipe out!



Good luck, folks!

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