Dominos Is Introducing Mammoth ‘New York Style’ Pizzas!


Dominos Is Introducing Mammoth ‘New York Style’ Pizzas! Supplied

We’ve all watched American movies and gaped at how massive and cheesy the pizzas are, and if you’ve ever been to the States, you’d know they really are that big. 

So we think it is ABOUT TIME our pizza joints start offering the same sizes. 

Dominos has today announced that they will be introducing a New Yorker range, boasting 16” sized pizzas with three times more cheese than a large! 


“These aren’t your usual Domino’s pizzas - our new authentic ‘New Yorker’ range will be so loaded with cheese, consist of softer dough and include slices so big, you need to fold them before taking a bite,”
revealed Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Nick Knight

Flavours available include: 

The Big Pepperoni

The Big Cheese

The Big Sausage and Cheese

The Big Pepperoni and Sausage

The Big Pepperoni, Sausage and Mushroom

The pizzas will be available from December 11 so we can all eat like Joey Tribiani or a Ninja Turtle!


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