Domino's Has Launched A Delicious Dessert Pizza 'Coz We Wanted It So Bad!


Domino's Has Launched A Delicious Dessert Pizza 'Coz We Wanted It So Bad!

Because we're all sugar fiends and while we know it's bad for us, we love it eat it anyway, Domino's has decided to just give the people what they want!

From today, you can now grab a Chocoholic Dessert Pizza at your local Domino's, which features a chocolate base topped with chocolate drops, choc fudge brownies and marshmallows!

The pizza is then drizzled with chocolate and icing sugar, making it look like the true masterpiece that it is!

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said in a statement that customers have been asking for a dessert pizza for quite a while and that it was about time they gave the people what they wanted!

“We haven’t had a dessert pizza on offer at Domino’s in Australia since we launched more than 30 years ago.

"We are excited about today’s launch – this is a premium product that is going to meet the highest standards of chocoholics around the country, and perfectly complements a meal with friends, family or colleagues.”

The pizza will only cost $9.95 and joins a long list of new amazing menu items at Domino's!

Last week, the company announced that they'll be selling New York-sized pizzas (aka really damn big pizzas!) from December 18 and that their new range will also feature pizzas covered in avocado!