Does Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

Professionals have weighed in!

Does Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?

How many people do you know that have started forcing themselves to drink green tea instead of coffee to improve their health? A lot? We thought so.

We all know that green tea definitely good for you, but a lot of people also seem to think that it's the key to weight loss, but is it really?

Well, according to Medical News Daily, it definitely does help, just not as much as you probably thought it did.

Green tea is supposedly beneficial for weight loss because it makes your metabolism more efficient.


The tea contains caffeine, which you probably already knew, as well a a flavonoid called catechin which is an antioxidant and according to a fair few medical reports, both of these things speed up your metabolism.

Catechin can also help break down any excess fat whilst also increasing the amount of energy that the body uses.

A review published in 2010 showed that green tea supplements increased weight loss with small, but positive effects and a more recent report, discovered that although green tea doesn't have a significant effect on wight loss, it still does enough to help your body.

Exercising and eating healthy foods will definitely increase weight loss, but it may also increase the effects that green tea has on the metabolism.


If all of this is confusing you a bit, let us wrap it all up in a nice pretty bow for you.

Drinking green tea doesn't have a huge effect on weight loss, but it does help speed up your metabolism and provides your body with the right antioxidants and vitamins that when matched with a healthy diet and exercise, can have great effects on your health.