‘Coffee In A Doughnut’ Just Launched In Australia & Yes You NEED It


‘Coffee In A Doughnut’ Just Launched In Australia & Yes You NEED It Facebook @ Kenilworth Bakery

If there’s one thing we love in the morning, it’s a good coffee to help us kick off the day. 

If someone happens to offer us a doughnut to go with it, then no way are we going to turn it down. 

But now, a whole new creation has hit the Australian stage and we are super excited about it:

Coffee in a doughnut. 




Kenilworth Bakery on the Sunshine Coast of Australia has just launched Aussie’s first Coffee IN a Doughnut, which consists of a cinnamon doughnut with a hollow middle, that’s lined with Nutella and filled with single origin coffee (more macchiato size that capp)… 

Sound delicious? You betcha!

These beauties are available from 6am today, but only a limited number are made each day - so get in quick!

They’ll go for $8 each, but it’s worth it for this slice of heaven. 

Think it’s time to book some flights or take a short holiday to a new location, to taste this yummy treat?

Here are the deets!

What: Australia's first ever coffee in a doughnut 

When: Launches Saturday 2 December from 6am, then available seven days from 6am to 3pm. 

Where: Kenilworth Bakery, 8 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth