Cadbury Are Creating A Reduced Sugar Chocolate Bar & We Don't Know Why

I'd rather be fat...

Cadbury Are Creating A Reduced Sugar Chocolate Bar & We Don't Know Why Dairy Milk UK

Cadbury has decided to create a reduced sugar chocolate bar in response to the UK's obesity crisis.

Next year, a chocolate bar that has 30% less sugar that the original Dairy Milk chocolate bar will hit shelves and even though it's happening in the UK, there's a high possibility that Cadbury will release the bar here in Australia as well.

Cadbury owner Mondelez International has described it as the "most significant innovation in the brand's history" and they are also planning on creating reduced sugar versions of some of their other products including Oreos and Jellie Babies.

The sugar content of the new bar will be 39g per 100g, down from 56g per 100g, however, the calorie content will be similar.

Glenn Caton, Mondelez International president for Northern Europe, said the new chocolate will taste "incredibly similar" to the original, so your body will still think that it's cheat day.

"It tastes very, very close to the original but a little less sweet. It's been tested extensively on consumers and they love it.

"Taking sugar out of our products isn't easy and will take time.

"Ultimately they are treats and people expect them to taste great, but we're working hard to find innovative solutions that provide more choice without compromising on their world-renowned taste and quality."

Are you all for a reduced sugar chocolate bar?

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