Bunny-shaped Crumpets Exist & We Need Them This Easter

Get in our mouth!

Bunny-shaped Crumpets Exist & We Need Them This Easter Disney / ASDA

Easter is hopping ever near and we’re all gathering our supplies of chocolates and stashing them away until we can devour them…

While we dream of chocolate bunnies and eggs, we’ve just hopped across another creation that we are so sad isn’t here in the great land of Australia yet, but nonetheless we NEED it here on our shores:

Bunny-shaped crumpets. 


These fluffy Easter bunny crumpets are available overseas from ASDA, featuring delicious golden crumpets with adorable bunny faces (which, we admit, look a little Donnie Darko-esque…) on them. 

The perfect Easter snack? 

You betcha!

Now we just have to find a way to a) make these ourselves, or b) convince ASDA to ship them over to Australia. 


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