ATTN: Aldi Has Dropped Two New Vegan Ice Creams

They sound delicious!

ATTN: Aldi Has Dropped Two New Vegan Ice Creams

Don't you just love it when your favourite grocery chain is not only cheap as chips but also manages to stay on top of all current trends? 

They've sold iPhones, paddle boards, 6V electric cars, and a nursing chair that I'm almost positive mums drew blood over, but once again Aldi is proving they know what's up by bringing vegan ice cream into the mix! 

The ice cream is milk free and is instead made from coconut cream - it comes in two flavours, coconut and chocolate. 

Now, unfortunately for us over here in the land of Oz, this particular ice cream is currently only available in Aldi stores in the UK. 

HOWEVER, before you get your knickers in a knot that would even leave the army impressed, don't panic - Aldi hasn't entirely forgotten about us.

We reached out to the grocery chain to find out whether or not this ice cream would ever grace the freezers of Aldis on our shores, and while we may not get the same ice cream, we can expect some delicious treats come 2018! 

"We encourage our customers to keep their eye out in store freezers in 2018 as we anticipate a number of new and exciting ice creams coming in, including some vegan friendly options," an Aldi spokesperson told Scoopla.

Time to get keen my plant-based friends!