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A Brand New Vegemite Flavour Has Just Landed In Your Supermarket!


A Brand New Vegemite Flavour Has Just Landed In Your Supermarket! NBC

First, we were blessed with what is now an Australian icon, the original Vegemite spread and then, years later, new flavours started to emerge that were... interesting.

On the shelves of your local supermarket, you'll probably find Vegemite's good mate Cheesybite, which is basically just Vegemite and cheese made into a spread.

Now, some say that the iconic breakfast, lunch and maybe sometimes dinner, spread should just be left alone and not experimented with... but the creative team over at Vegemite HQ will not listen to the naysayers because low and behold, we have a new flavour hitting supermarket shelves, people!

Vegemite Blend 17 is here and it kind of sounds like a coffee blend... which is a little worrying but don't panic, there isn't any coffee in this bad boy.

The new flavour is described as being "Bolder" and "Richer" than the original Vegemite, so this probably won't be the flavour to let your overseas friends try for the first time.

This one is for Aussie who can handle their Vegemite!

The gold jars are retailing for $7 for a 150g jar, which is a bit pricey, but the flavour is only out for a limited time, so getting your hands on it and giving it a good crack is probably a good idea.

So head to your local supermarket and let us know what you think of Vegemite Blend 17!