These Symptoms Will Tell You If You Are Addicted To Junk Food

Are you addicted?

These Symptoms Will Tell You If You Are Addicted To Junk Food

We joke about it a lot but there is an alarming amount of us that tick almost all the boxes on this list.

Elite Daily has posted a list of symptoms which, according to science, suggests that the addictive behaviour behind your love of junk food can be compared to that of drug and alcohol addiction. 

According to the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual IV, if you experience three or more of the following symptoms, then you’re addicted to whichever devilish treat you’re thinking of right now. 

1. Withdrawal - How do you feel when you haven’t had it in a while?

2. Tolerance - Do you need more to get the same satisfaction you used to get from a little bit?  

3. Continued Use Despite Harm - Has your YOLO mentality gone too far?

4. Loss Of Control - Can you say no?  

5. Attempts to cut down - Can you maintain a reduced intake of the bad stuff? 

6. Salience - Do you dream about your favourite junk foods waaaaay too much? 

7. Reduced Involvement - Have you found yourself avoiding hanging out with your mates because you’re ashamed of how much you eat? 

If you’re worried about your own health and wellbeing, feel free to visit your local GP or read more about food addiction here.


Image: Nickelodeon