Karlie Kloss Defies Gravity With An INSANELY Hard Workout


Karlie Kloss Defies Gravity With An INSANELY Hard Workout

Image Credit: Adidas / Instagram @ Karlie Kloss.

Karlie Kloss has been taking over the beauty and fashion world for a while now, starring in a string of major modeling campaigns and wowing us with her unbeatable style game.

But she just gave us a massive dose of inspiration in the fitness department. 

The Victoria's Secret model has been impressing us with her fitness, sharing videos of her workouts to Instagram to help motivate us all. 

But the things she is making look easy are insane! Especially her skills on bosu balls. 

Quick info: a bosu ball is basically a rubber, inflated hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. It's like half a yoga ball. 

The amount of core strength and balance you need to stay on these things while carrying out tricky exercises (that work your glutes, core, hamstring and balance!) is immense... but Karlie makes it look like a walk in the park.

for Adidas, uploaded by her trainer Kirk Myers to Insta while she was training at his gym, The Dogpound


It might not seem as big of a deal, but if you've ever tried this exercise you know how difficult it is.

She's also starred in some campaigns of late that have our jaws dropping, like this one: 


Bow down, Karlie is a boss.