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Is It Possible To Keep Your Boobs Like Kim Kardashian After Weight Loss?

You’re not completely powerless!

Is It Possible To Keep Your Boobs Like Kim Kardashian After Weight Loss?

It's one of the biggest questions around. When women lose weight, can they keep volume in their boobs? Kim Kardashian seems to have done it... so what's her secret?

Scoopla's resident fitness expert and BUF Girl Cassey Miller gives us the low down... and the push up on what we need to do.

When you lose body fat, unfortunately there’s not really anything you can do about saying bye-bye to a little boob volume too.

But never fear, you’re not completely powerless! There are definitely things you can do to give your chest a little lift and restore perkiness, without doing anything that involves the words, “procedure”, or “recovery”.


First, you need to perk up your pectorals! These are the muscles that sit directly underneath your breasts and are partly responsible for how high they sit and how shapely they appear. Pushups are a pec-boosting dream but don’t just stick to regular, wide grip pushups because they can make your chest, well, wide.

And a wider chest can mean more ‘area’ for your girls to spread across and less volume up front! Do a variety of pushups instead – try a mix of Combat Pushups (elbows at about 45 degrees), Tricep Pushups (elbows squeezing into your ribs) and diamond Pushups (make a diamond shape on the ground with your index fingers and thumbs). Chest Press, Chest Fly & Tricep Dips are also fab for perking up your pecs.


Next, you need to work your back to avoid a ‘sunken’ and droopy chest look. Variations of row movements will get you there – Superman Rows from the floor, Dumbbell Standing or Plank Rows, Pullups and Cable Rows are all winners.

Finally, build a teeny-tiny waist to give yourself a classic hourglass shape by including plenty of core work that targets your inner abs, or TVA. Plank and its many variations are your best friends here. Oh and if you haven’t hula hooped since first grade, get involved! This fast-growing sport is one of the best waist trimmers around and oh-so-much fun.

A few final tips for those of you who love exercise but still want a pair of impressive assets: first up, make sure you wear a super supportive bra when you workout – even small chested gals shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this one step!


Finally, if you’ re really not happy with the look of your boobs after embarking on a weight loss journey, work on something you CAN change... and that’ s your butt! Squats, lunges and hip raises will build you an enviable booty that will make sure you’re perky in another super feminine area!


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