Link Theatre Presents: Star On The Door

A must see production on this week!

Link Theatre Presents: Star On The Door

Link Theatre Presents: Star On The Door a romantic comedy By Jack Sharkey and Leo W. Sears

It's on this week people and a must see local production! 

Legend of the silver screen Doreen Lewis is nervously about to make her Broadway debut opposite experienced old hand Paul Burnside, who has a reputation of upstaging other actors. She is desperate not to allow this to happen. Doreen’s son Thomas and her long time dresser Beverley have a secret they want to share and are waiting for the right moment to let it out of the bag. The Producer Mel Thorn is terrified that the financial backer Nunzio will machine gun his knees if the show flops, and the Bavarian playwright is reduced to a sobbing mess as his beautiful little play goes to the dogs.

You don't want to miss Star On The Door it's showing at the Link Theatre this week! 

24th - 26th August from 7.30 pm.

Tickets available from Everlastings on Fitzgerald for $25!