Great News For Volunteers in the Wheatbelt


Great News For Volunteers in the Wheatbelt

National Volunteer Week #givehappylivehappy took place May 8-14th 2017 and Volunteering WA were delighted to partner with the Shires of Northam, York and Toodyay to deliver FREE COFFEE VOUCHERS to Volunteer Involving Organisations.

These vouchers were distributed by the Local Government Offices to the organisation's representative who then passed them on to their wonderful volunteers as a thank you during National Volunteer Week. There were 114 York recipients, 114 Toodyay recipients and a whopping 550 Northam recipients.

Volunteering WA offered to run the program again for #NVW2018 and the Shire of Northam have already agreed to support the project. If your Local Government would like to participate next year please be sure to contact

Thanks again to Mad Mo's Cafe in York, Cola Cafe in Toodyay and Cafe Yasou in Northam for participating this year!