The Pooch President: The Story so far

The Campaign Trail has been ruff

The Pooch President: The Story so far

A Western Australian election is being held over the next 24 hours in an attempt to distract from the incoming US inauguration.


The election is not one to decide a new MP or member of the council, it is to decide the fate of all dogs in the world. The Pooch President election is one that has been heated from the beginning.

Being that there has never been a Pooch President before this, entries from all different breeds were welcome to enter. Everything from Dalmatians to Chihuahuas were entered but from all the entries, two dogs were randomly selected.

The two candidates were Rusty, a handsome Bull Mastiff with a strong belief in the hard working every dog and Dexter, a friendly yet professional Golden Labrador with his trademark red tie. The two dogs were different breeds with the same goal, to become the first Pooch President.

Local idiots and radio announcers, Ned and Josh were tasked with managing a campaign for each dog with Rusty siding with Ned and Dexter siding with Josh, the election took form with both representatives releasing campaign videos.

Late in the game, in an act of pure desperation, Ned released a slam video trying to bring down Dexter but telling the public the “truth” about their favourite dog.

With the election in full swing and the results being released quite soon only time will tell which pooch will be more deserving of the role Canine in Chief.


If you would like to vote for either dog, you can do so here: