The best ideas to keep warm but not too warm.

A guide to survive these next few weeks.

The best ideas to keep warm but not too warm.

The best ideas to keep warm but not too warm.

As we quickly approach winter, we have entered into a strange purgatory phase of semi-summer, semi-winter and semi-autumn.

Autumn is quite a strange time in the year because you’re not sure how to dress, what activities you can enjoy or what to eat because you want to get warm but it can backfire on you if the weather suddenly changes without warning and you over heat.

Here are some creative ways to make sure you stay in that sweet goldilocks area:

  1. Wear socks with thongs.


Sure, it’s probably the most daggy look you could imagine but I’ll tell you what isn’t daggy, having your legs at a perfect temperature at all times.

Extra points for the most colours you can incorporate.


  1. Filling a hot water bottle with cold water.


Hot water bottles are perfect for those winter months when getting into your bed is like diving headfirst into the snow but for those half hot and half cold nights, you can’t have a hot water bottle but you can absolutely have a lukewarm bottle. Tap water will be fine for this cool bed companion.


  1. Sleeveless Poncho

If you want to both look cool and keep cool then find a run of the mill poncho and tear the sleeves of that bad boy and you are ready to not only hit the streets but any upcoming multiday music festival in the middle of whoop whoop.


  1. Ice beanie


It’s awaiting a patent so please no one steal the idea but all this requires is a beanie and some frozen water. All you need to do is fill a beanie with ice and quickly slap it on your head and Bob’s your uncle, your head stays cool while still retaining the head in the beanie.


I hope this helps you on your future endeavours in staying that perfect temperature.