Purr-fect Rescue in Kalgoorlie

Happy ending for one lucky kitten

Purr-fect Rescue in Kalgoorlie

It was a happy ending for one lucky kitten, who was rescued by Kalgoorlie firefighters after being trapped inside a wall cavity for more than 24 hours.

Firefighters were called to GPH Recruitment on Hannan Street, where they spent more than an hour locating and rescuing the kitten from inside the wall between the building next door.

GPH recruitment consultant Justine Warren heard the “meows” of a kitten and went onto the roof to rescue the cat, before realising there was a second kitten trapped inside the wall cavity.

Firefighters had to duct tape poles together with a net at the end to reach the kitten, who they appropriately nicknamed Lucky.

Lucky was taken by the RSPCA Goldfields for a medical check-up before being reunited with her sibling, to be fostered by GPH’s Ms Warren, before the two can find themselves a forever home.

Ms Warren said "this was the best possible outcome we could have hoped for, especially for an eight year old cat".