Nun-chucks in Northam

Shopping Centre Altercation

Nun-chucks in Northam

Northam Police have released details of a disturbance at the Boulevard Shopping Centre involving a set of nun-chucks on Wednesday March 14. Police will allege that an argument between two people took place at a motor vehicle parked in the car park, causing members of the public to intervene.

β€œAt one point, a 20 year old male from Dalwallinu removed a set of 'nun-chucks' and approached members of the public with them,” police shared on Facebook. They also noted that the man "returned to his vehicle returning the nun-chucks and then became involved in a physical altercation with another female at the scene, the male person allegedly assaulting the female by punching her in the face.”

Police arrested the male who has been charged with common assault, breaching a family violence restraining order, being armed in a way that will cause fear and possession of a controlled weapon. \

The man will appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday March 15.