Great White Shark detected in Esperance

Shark was detected three times!

Great White Shark detected in Esperance

A Great White Shark was detected three times at West Beach in Esperance on Thursday, April 26 according to Shark Smart.

The tagged Great White Shark was first detected at West Beach along Great Ocean Drive by a receiver at 11:30am.

The shark was then detected a second time at West Beach at 11:36am.

The shark was detected a third time at West Beach at 11:45am. 

The Esperance Shire have sent rangers to put up a sign warning beach goers that a shark had been detected. 

West Beach is a popular swimming, surfing and fishing location for tourists and locals alike especially during school and public holidays.

To keep up to date with current alerts visit Shark Smart at 

To report a shark sighting call the Water Police on 9442 8600.