Family Stabbing

Community Service Sentence

Family Stabbing

A 22-year-old woman from Northam has been sentenced to 50-hours community work, after she stabbed her ex-partner last October and left him with an eight-centimetre laceration to his lower abdomen. Sharing in a six-year de-facto relationship with the victim, the pair have two children together.

The victim was hospitalised over the incident and received eight stitches to the wound. Defence lawyer Sylvia Crombie told the Northam Magistrates Court that the accused acted in self defence. “She has been injured in previous altercations between the two of them", Ms Crombie said.

Ms Crombie also said the pair currently have no contact, and the accused does not wish to have future contact with the victim. “The victim says he didn’t see the incident as major,” she said. “In fact he wanted to reconnect.”

Magistrate Jennifer Hawkins said it was reckless to involve a knife in the argument. The woman was sentenced to a seven-month intensive supervision order and 50-hours community service.