Esperance Police Push Road Safety

Stay safe on the roads!

Esperance Police Push Road Safety

A total of 22 people have been cautioned or received an infringement for speeding in the last fortnight, including one individual that was detected doing 145km/h in a 110km/h zone, resulting in an $800 fine, as Esperance Police continue to push their road safety message.

Since May 1, Esperance Police have conducted 763 random breath tests, 50 drug wipes and charged two people with no authority to drive. The operation has been relatively positive, with only one driver detected in excess of 0.08 and none testing positive to driving under the influence of drugs. 

As well as focusing on road safety, Police are also preparing for upcoming events, including the Agricultural Show, Emergency Services Fun Day, Police Remembrance Day and the School Holiday period where their focus will be targeting volume crime; stealing, stealing from vehicles, retail theft and burglary.

As winter approaches, Police warn that people need to pay due diligence to their vehicles. Motorists need to ensure that they’re roadworthy including tires, lighting, seat belts and windscreen wipers are in working order. 

We all want you to arrive at your destination safely!