Why This Alligator Creek Croc Has Everyone SHOOK


Why This Alligator Creek Croc Has Everyone SHOOK Facebook Jenny Roberts

A photo of a Townsville croc has gone viral on Facey, and it's not surprising why. 

The local who posted the pic Jenny Roberts says there were about 5 of the reptiles spotted last weekend at Alligator Creek but this fella was the biggest of them all. 

He measured in at around 5-6 METERS! Hence why everyone is losing their minds!



The pic has triggered comments galore...

"Omg! If I saw that in real life I would die! Nature is not friendly." 

"***... this was where I camped and fished every weekend!!"

"My new crabbing partner down the local creek."

"Wow no fishing for me."


While this guy has most of us shaking in our boots, some Townsville Salties have gone on to become crowd pleasers at Australia's most popular zoo. 

If you've ever met Lucy, Monty, or Graham at Australia Zoo, you've met Townsville crocs who were captured by Aussie legend Steve Irwin and his team. 

Monty was also the star of the show in many of the scenes for the movie "Collision Course".