Townsville's Mini Black-Out

No Alarm This Morning?


Did you wake up this morning to your clocks flashing and your phone not charged? If you did you’re probably one of the 3700+ Ergon customers who got hit with a mini power outage between 4 and 5 am this morning. The main areas were around the Townsville City and North Ward areas.

The outage was caused by some malfunctioning equipment, which was quickly fixed, but it sure made for a weird morning for Townsville’s early risers.

Here at the station, we love getting up at 4 am. So here are a few things we noticed.

Nick- “My car was stuck in the garage! I had to get an uber to work!”

Jack- “My apartment has a generator, so I didn’t notice anything till I started driving. All of the street lights and traffic lights were out!”

Tim- “The elevator in my building stopped working. This sounds minor but at 4 am it feels like a tragedy. My day is yet to recover”.  


Did you get hit by the blackout?

Let us know how it threw out your day at