Townsville RSPCA Desperate For Foster Carers This Christmas

A great alternative if you can't adopt

Townsville RSPCA Desperate For Foster Carers This Christmas RSPCA

If you're adopting a pet this Christmas, it's vital to remember that they are a life commitment. 

If you'd give anything to adopt, but aren't able to, becoming a Foster Carer could be the next best thing, and the RSPCA will really appreciate it! 

“They are absolutely vital to our existence,” said Foster care Coordinator Julie Herbert.

“The fact that we now have 1500 state wide is tremendous but we still need more, particularly at this time of year with the cat breeding season. There are always kittens that are too young to be de-sexed and need to be in care for a few weeks.”

But of course it’s not just kittens and puppies that need to go into foster care.

“We always have animals that are receiving ongoing veterinary or behavioural treatment that are much better off in foster care. We often have some that are waiting on the outcome of court proceedings too.”

RSPCA Qld also encourages retirees to look at becoming foster carers.

“They often don’t feel they want to take on a pet full time because of travel plans or minor health issues,” continued Ms Herbert.

“By becoming a foster carer they can still get their “animal fix” without taking on the long term responsibilities. It’s ideal!”

Anyone interested in becoming a foster carer can email the Foster Department at or call 3426 9997