Townsville Photographer Taking Stand Against Bullies

Hundreds are supporting her

Townsville Photographer Taking Stand Against Bullies Instagram @jemmahsharee

Townsville Photographer Kristina Hoksbergen is taking a stand against bullies in a new project. 

#projectbeautytsv is gaining support from hundreds of local ladies who are wanting to stand in front of the camera to end bullying. 

Kristina is excited about the campaign gaining support and has already hosted a successful shoot. 

"It's an awareness campaign of sorts, utilizing portraits as a focus. Whilst taking the portraits I'm asking all of the participants to answer questions on their opinions of bullying, beauty, & also how they think they can overcome these things," Kristina wrote on Instagram. 


"Project Beauty is to affect the minds of the young whilst they are developing their core values & strengths," she says. 

Over 30 teenagers of all shapes and sizes participated in the first shoot on Sunday, January 21 and we're sure there will be many to come in the future!