Townsville Mornings Warming Up From Wednesday


Townsville Mornings Warming Up From Wednesday Instagram @olivia_martel

Cold mornings have been greeting us ever since winter officially arrived on Friday, but they're about to ease. 

If you're tired of the cold-toilet-seat-anxiety, you can relax a little knowing that warmer mornings are coming from Wednesday. 


When we say 'warm', that doesn't mean mid 20's, the temps will still be in their teens- which is better than the single digits we have had! 

From State of Origin Game 1, temps will climb back to 14 degrees and max out at 27. 

Looking at the second half of the week:

Thursday: 14-27
Friday: 14-27
Saturday: 15-27
Sunday: 16-28

Temperatures will be one or two degrees cooler for Ayr and Ingham. 


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