This Townsville Man Will SUP How Far?!

This guy is #lifegoals

This Townsville Man Will SUP How Far?!

Image: Youtube

After years of addiction, Matt Scarce is turning his life around and wants to show others that they can do the same. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is hard enough on a Sunday morning off the Strand for 30 mins, imagine doing that from Brisbane to Townsville? That's what Matt will achieve. 

Matt believes that a life in recovery is possible for all addicts and he wants everyone to know that. 


By the end of the journey, the Townsville man would've paddled for 28 days and he wants your help to spread the message of recovery. 

During his SUPing, Matt will be raising awareness for SMART Recovery, their purpose is to empower Aussies with practical skills, tools, and support to manage addictive behaviours. 

You can follow Matt's incredible journey on his Instagram, or donate to his cause here

Watch his amazingly motivating video below before Matt paddles into town on Saturday.