This Townsville Graffiti Will Make You Say 'Wow'

It's stunning!

This Townsville Graffiti Will Make You Say 'Wow'

Buildings around Townsville are quickly being transformed from drab to fab, with artist strokes. 

There's a heap of examples filling walls of the CBD, but now the colourful creations are spreading to the suburbs. 

A warehouse wall on Woolcock Street Service Road has been splashed with graffiti, and we're quietly confident that it's the best in Townsville! 

The piece has a long list of inclusions ie a Sunlander Train, a Steam Train, 'Happy Birthday' tags, a Boom Box, and plenty more! 

We're so in awe of it, and are sure it's the perfect wake up for any early commuters heading inbound in Woolcock Street. 

We'd love to give a shout out to the creators, tag them on Facebook if you know who the talented people are!