The Townsville House Straight Outta A Fairytale

Our yard isn’t this impressive!

The Townsville House Straight Outta A Fairytale Movie Pilot

Whilst most Townsville yards at the moment are a combination of withered grass and dirt, there’s one that will always stand out no matter the conditions.

It’s hard to miss Diana McGregor’s yard in Railway Estate, mainly due to the fact that it’s covered in gnomes- hundreds of them!

The saying goes ‘from little things, big things grow’ and that’s exactly the case for this collection.

Diana started out in Mackay with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs gnomes that her daughter gave her, and the collection has just grown since!

Since moving to Townsville the colourful creations is now in it’s hundreds.

A couple of years ago, a lady in Ingham who had to be hospitalised gave Diana a couple hundred from her collection- bringing the tally to 600.

They’re not set up higgilty piggilty thought, Diana has the gnomes organised in separate nursery rhymes – Snow White, Teddy Bears Picnic, Little Boy Blue, Puss in Boots, Goldilocks  - etc.

Want to see them up close? Diana has recently had the home listed on Airbnb for short stays!

So book yourself in for a sleep over and live happily ever after!