Temps Backing Off Across The North After A FLIPPING Hot Weekend

Summer is coming!

Temps Backing Off Across The North After A FLIPPING Hot Weekend Image credit: Instagram @prexpatrick

There was one sentence that every North Queenslander uttered over the weekend...

"How hot is it?!" 

From Ingham to Bowen and out to the Towers we all felt summer creeping in. 


Doggy pools were filled, aircon motors were switched on for the first time this 'summer', fans were turned to their max, and some escaped to The Strand to enjoy that-sea-breeze-feeling to cool down. 


Temperatures will be backing off this week though, with some areas across NQ hoping to get the chance to bust out their gumboots. 

After steamy temps over the weekend, the week ahead is looking slightly cooler!

Tuesday 25-31 Partly cloudy
Wednesday 25-30 Partly cloudy
Thursday 24-29 Shower or two
Friday 23-30 Possible shower

Tuesday 22-33 Partly cloudy
Wednesday 21-32 Possible late shower
Thursday 20-30 Shower or two
Friday 20-30 Shower or two

Tuesday 23-31 Partly cloudy
Wednesday 22-31 Possible late storm 
Thursday 21-30 Shower or two
Friday 21-30 Partly cloudy

Tuesday 23-30 Partly cloudy
Wednesday 23-30 Possbile shower
Thursday 22-29 Shower or two
Friday 22-30 Partly cloudy

Charters Towers
Tuesday 22-36 Mostly sunny
Wednesday 21-34 Possible storm
Thursday 21-32 Shower or two
Friday 20-33 Partly cloudy 


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