Sheppard Dish The Goss On Replacing Shannon Noll, First Townsville Show, And THAT Blue Hair

They're coming to Townsville!

Sheppard Dish The Goss On Replacing Shannon Noll, First Townsville Show, And THAT Blue Hair Instagram @wearesheppard

This September Australian music sensation Sheppard will perform in Townsville! 

This'll be the second time the talented sibling group have been in North Queensland, the first being when they supported Keith Urban at 1300SMILES Stadium in 2014. 

Group members Amy and George spoke with Cliffo & Gabi this morning, dishing heaps of goss!

George admits the group have very fond memories of Townsville, and they're keen to get back on September 22. 

Before they get to us though, the 'Watching the Sky' tour will kick off at the Mount Isa Rodeo on August 10, slotting in to replace dropped act, Shannon Noll. 

George says he was surprised by the the recent actions of his friend, Nollsie. 

"I feel kind of bad for Shannon, all of this stuff that's going on in the news, I thought was a bit out of character for him," explained George. 


Away from the Nollsie headlines, Sheppard are eager to get to the Aussie outback for the biggest rodeo in the southern hemisphere. 

"But it'll be a really nice event for the families and kids," says George.

If you want to be at the Mount Isa Rodeo, get your tickets now at this link.  

Now, if you're following Sheppard on Insta, you'll be well aware of something that stands out in EVERY pic...AMY'S GORGEOUS HAIR! 

Amy has told Cliffo & Gabi that she has to dye her blue locks every 2 weeks to keep it so vibrant #hairgoals 

It's been around 6 years that Amy has been rocking the mermaid blue style, and we've been jealous the whole time (just sayin')


Their gig at Dalrymple Hotel on September 22 will actually be Amy's birthday so get along and celebrating, Sheppard style! 

Tickets are on sale from 10am today, get yours here


Catch Up on the full chat Cliffo & Gabi had with Sheppard now!