Popular Townsville RSPCA Cat Now On Insta

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Popular Townsville RSPCA Cat Now On Insta

Image: Instagram @burger_legs 

It's easy to fall in love with an animal, the moment you lock eyes with it. 

When Townsville saw the video of Burger the cat, it truly was love at first sight for thousands of us.

Mainly due to the reason that Burger is no ordinary feline.

In the video, that has over 6000 views, you can see that Burger is a little different to other cats.  

The ginger cat only has 3 legs. (Bet you wished you'd adopted him, yeah? Us too!)

It wasn't long after the Townsville RSPCA posting the video, that the unique furbaby was adopted into a furever home. 

Now the heart-melter spends his days being an absolute cutie around the house. How do we know this? He's on Insta! 

Check out some of his adventures already...


He even does Maths! 


We're so glad that Burger is doing great and is fitting in so well at his new home. 

ps- come in for a cuddle anytime, please!